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This week in Politics and Digital

Wednesday was the start of the work week because of the long holidays declared by the National Government. As many people are spending their holidays somewhere else, many chose to stay at home due to bad weather.

Upon return to my beloved province, there was a new project waiting for our team. The I love Pangasinan video, we were to gather video clips from interviewees of different people in Pangasinan.

Next our proposed project for the Governor was approved by the Provincial Administrator. Sir Raffy, as he is fondly called is supportive of projects related to information technology. He knows that the society is going also with the digital shift.

And an event to showcase all of those things like the Pangasinan Digital ICT Fair is ready to roll out. This event is scheduled on the second week of November at the Capitol Grounds.

And then there are Bloopers along the way.

Urdaneta refused to accept the tons of trash from Baguio City because allegedly the city can only accomodate 10 tons of pre-segregated garbage daily. And that the 40 ton waste from Baguio was beyond their means so they couldn’t possibly accept all of it.

Then here comes 3rd District Representative Rachel Arenas who allegedly receive numerous complaints about ‘items for sale’ for teachers in DepEd. Oh, so here she is again. The congresswoman who learned only now that there were such commodities inside DepEd. Where has she been all this time? Was she with Aling Gloria in St. Lukes Hospital? She was reportedly not seen in her district in times of typhoons etc. I didn’t know she is into investigative activities lately.

I can only wish well for her new trip.

It seems that the controversial ‘Daungan sa Dawel‘ called by Sunday Punch Publisher Ermin Garcia Jr. as ‘white elephant’ is under his microscopic watch. Read his column on his paper and you’ll know why. What will happen to the highly publicized Dawel River Cruise if the project pushes through but the contractor can not reimburse his expenses? ZOMG.

Blind Item:


There is this employee in the C who does nothing substantial at all in the office all day long. She opens her facebook account and thats it until the day retires. She was tasked to help the Boss improve his image but she is so- clueless about what needs to be done.

Instead of cooperating with her officemates, she sows seeds of intrigue and divisiveness. That is why her teammates simply avoid her face. She goes around the offices and spreads hate and rumors about her co-workers.

Instead of focusing on her work, she spends time concocting gossip about the people around who are so busy doing the works supposedly assigned to her.

Who is this employee who goes around rumor mongering and bitching others in their office ? She is avoided by highly productive people. She is bitter of others’ accomplishments. Clue: She is the supervisor of the www.uhc.org . Useless. Headless. Chicken. Organization