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New Year Beauty Makeover Vibrante-style

I started the year 2013 right. With 2012 being rewarding for me and my family, starting the new year with a blast was just the right move.

Armed with my plans for the entire year of personal branding and self improvement, a beauty makeover is in place.

But where to have it done was the first question. We had a client that was very serious to penetrate the beauty business in the North and his salon is located in Dagupan.

During our taping, I saw how he transformed ordinary faces into glam works of art. Our girls innate beauty were enhanced and emphasized and they all looked gorgeous in the hands of Marcel.

Vibrante Salon by Marcel Mendoza is the place to go. I endured the first few days of New Year looking old and less vain. I waited for an appointment at his premiere salon.

Vibrante’s services are not for everyone. He created his own niche. Marcel’s regular clients are high end. They belong to the A-list. Yes, he defined his own market. His prices are premium because his services are premium also.

A haircut would normally cost you P350, plus a hundred more if a senior stylist does it and P650 if Marcel does your hair. To some, his haircut is a day’s salary. But you would not mind the price if the result will take years off your look.

Marcel, the very gracious owner welcomed us and assured us that what Vibrante staff will do is going to be fab.

A haircut, hair color with highlights was due for me. The editor of a publication for women and the youth who doesn’t have much time to style her hair but needs to be stylish due to my daily routine. An ordinary day for me is meeting various people for various reasons either online or offline. A day is rarely spent without a meeting.

During client calls, where we propose projects and services, its inevitable to look good. It adds a certain degree of confidence, credibility and power to convince people you are the person for the job. And my old look doesn’t seem to deliver that.

I am a person who is afraid to try new hairstyles. I am not comfortable with coloring my entire hair much less sporting a super short hairstyle.

But Jen, Marcel’s partner assured me that a WEDGE style is perfect for my tiny face. And a color with a few highlights will emphasize the style. Closing my eyes an trusting them both is all I can do.

And voila! With a touch of magic, hair wizards Marcel and Jen were able to make me look younger, more vibrant and more sophisticated that my friends on Facebook commented that the beauty makeover at the start of the year was perfect!

So I am inviting you, our readers to visit Vibrante Salon at the 2nd Floor Star Green Promenade Building, Lucao Dagupan City. Call for an appointment at telephone number 531-1323 or email Visit their blog at