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Youth for Change and Development (Y4CD)

It was a weekend like no other. We have been getting the young ones to be part of a relevant organization all throughout the province and we have been successful in doing it.

After days of getting new members in, we were able to gather more than a hundred of them to become minifacilitators for the bigger event ahead.

With the help of fellow United States Government Philippine Alumni Network (USG-PAN) members Mel and Matt, the Provincial Government of Pangasinan thru the Office of the Governor and Sanggunian Secretariat put up the Youth Empowerment Seminar Pangasinan last February 9-10, 2013 at the Capitol beachfront.

Attended by youths from various towns and cities, participants learned to dream for themselves, their families, community and their province.

They were taught on how to be responsible voters, be responsible citizens who know how to take care and love their province.

Governor Espino was also there to tell them that the Provincial Government is doung remarkable projects for the youth and for their children and children’s children.

Every attendee was very attentive to the story that the governor was telling them, carefully taking into account all the progressive happenings in Pangasinan as told by the leader.

In the end, they were energized, inspired and connected to each other, to their home province and to their culture and heritage.

It was fun and its just the beginning. More of this soon. The young generation will influence their community and change themselves for the better.

With their help, Pangasinan will surely be Number 1.