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Convert GCash to Globe Rewards Points until January 30

We are moving into the e-commerce era and we are a nation gradually turning into virtual or mobile payment systems.

Cashless shopping is now embraced by uber mobile consumers and its a relief that GCASH is around.


I’m a fan of cashless shopping since it is very convenient. Just bring your phone, your shopping list, look for their merchant partners and you’re good to go.

I always wanted to redeem Globe rewards like GCs and movies, but I don’t have enough points. Now that holiday seasons are fast approaching, family celebrations, shopping and movies are bonding activities to look forward to.

Its good that Globe allows us until January 30 to convert GCash into Globe Rewards points. I can convert P25 Gcash into 20 Rewards points. Just by following these simple steps



Just call *143# and follow the instructions on your phone on how to convert GCASH into Globe rewards points.

For more info, you may refer and click this link.

Here’s learning with Bianca and Pocholo about Globe Rewards.

Its holiday seasons, its the end of another fruitful year. Its time to spend it with the people you cherish and those who cherish you. With cashless shopping and GCASH rewards, this is going to be a reality.

With GCASH on my phone I can go to my favorite movie houses with friends and kids during the Metro Manila Film Festival, convert my Gcash to Globe rewards points and watch movies with them.

After that, we shop at Bench, have coffee at Figaro or grab some food at KFC using Rewards points converted from my Gcash account.

Wouldn’t it be fun to do the things you love with no cash to bring?

The promo is up until January 30, 2014. So you can now up your rewards points. Go to your nearest Globe store and load up on your GCash.

And here’s another video from Bianca and Pocholo about redeeming Globe Rewards points.