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Today I start my FITT Blog under my namesake. You can call me Vanj, from the bountiful province of Pangasinan. I am a digital influencer in my community. My day job is being a communications strategist specializing in social and digital media.

When not beating deadlines and not servicing clients, I blog. Among other things, hosting an agriculture and investment walkthrough show are two of my ventures that you will see here on later posts.

Recent Food Tour adventure, Bangsal’s Pinoy  Boodle Meal

I chose to blog about FOOD, INVESTMENT, TOURISM and TECHNOLOGY because its my passion.  My friends call me “laging gutom” (always hungry) because wherever I go, food is always an attraction for me. I am constantly looking for unique food offerings in a place. 
When travelling, I always assess the economic activity or non-activity of a place. Then see what they have or what they don’t. What they need and what would be profitable here. What is abundant and what is lacking. Then I ask myself, “what do they need, and how can I help them?”

The view from Sual viewdeck

Who doesn’t want to travel? I have been to a few places outside my country but I want to explore the beauty of the Philippines even more. It seems that every island has its own wonders and its really worth exploring.

    Amanjiwo Resort, Yogyakarta Indonesia

The advent of technology has modernized and made everything easy and shareable. Smartphones and tablets, netbooks and laptops has made every person his own media. It made everyone an instant publisher. Social media made it possible to distribute content easier and faster. Digital innovations are presented to the world at lightning speed. And then comes technology review and testing.  And since we move around the communications technology industry, it is imperative to be on top of it, at least be in the know, so you can teach and share.

What can you expect from  eVANJelist, the  FITT blogger? 

1. Lots of food adventures, interesting food stories from communities who make it.

2. Investment profiles of towns and cities and other remarkable business stories worth your while

3. Travel adventures and stories, destination stories, culture and the people, experiential tourism in the Philippines and Asia

4. Technology events, stories, ventures and start-ups

Join me, your local FITT Blogger and eVANJelist as we explore Asia and the rest of the world 🙂

Business, vanj padilla

Be a Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur and level up!

We are living in a highly modernized and technologically advanced world, where almost any industry is now using and reliant upon digital communications. Mainstream media is evolving and digital marketers, promoters, online publishers are some of the jobs that are in demand in the marketplace.

Bloggers are now considered influencers and their authority and relevance are highly recognized in communicating brands to their target markets.

Being a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur can equip you with necessary skills and knowledge to start your own service business like I did.

I was one of the early adopters of this online learning program, belonging to the first batch in 2010. Coming from the mainstream media industry, radio broadcast and journalism, I thought that if I don’t innovate and upgrade myself, I will be left out and wake up one day under the UNEMPLOYMENT and OBSOLESCENCE TENT.

So I invested in myself then, sacrificing my paycheck to finance this program which costs P25,000 . I have three goals and these are:

1. Set my niche, differentiate thru innovation and offer something new and relevant to clients.
2. Be a thought leader in digital and social media in my community.
3. Put up my own agency in Northern Luzon.

Upon enrollment, we were asked to do live projects immediately as a requirement. Each module has its project, so when we finished the program, we had three projects in our folios.

Ideal students in this program are those who aspire to establish their own “personality” brand. Use the skills and experiences learned in doing the same for others – person, product, service, company or advocacy.

After finishing the course and four years of hard work later, this is what I became now;

1. Contracted consultancy work in the local government unit in my community, lead for digital projects
2. Community Lead for Google Business Group in our province
3. Vice- Chair for Wikimedia Philippines
4. Regular guest in tv shows on topics about social media and the internet
5. Founder of a bloggers group in our province
6. Senior Communication Strategist of my own PR Agency in Northern Luzon- CommunicAsia PR

Have I reached my goals? You can say yes and more.

Look at how the industry is evolving and look at how bloggers and social media entrepreneurs are living their lives. Some are always being invited by BRANDS in their exclusive events, corporate launches etc. Some get away with movie premieres and all the juicy stuff. Some work conveniently at home and seldom complain. Some are fulfilled and some wanted so much more.

Hardwork and being industrious is no longer enough, we have to equip ourselves with continuous learning and education. But we cannot always afford to go to school physically because of day jobs, family, kids to support etc. Good thing there are programs like this to keep us up to date.

Im sure your have your own goals in life and in your careers too, get a good start. Make a better 2014 and take it from me, invest in yourself.

Enrollment in this program is ongoing and classes start on January 25, 2014. You may get more information here. Or you can send private message and inquiries in this link. Tweet your questions and queries to @digitalfilipino and get an answer immediately.