Politics, vanj padilla

The future of politics in the Philippines

I tried my best to avoid discussions about Philippine politics ever since I realized it is not good for my health. Although we publish a local community paper, we try our best to do away with politicians and issues concerning them.

In fact at one point, I turned my back on political blogging, which admittedly raked in millions of organic hits for my blog in 2009 to 2010. I was an angry citizen. I share my community’s views online, regardless of whether I get the ire of politicians. The people’s voice need to be heard.

In 2014, I am angry again. And I can’t help it. I live in the Philippines. Although I am a selective news consumer, the media is so busy pounding political issues and current events are mostly towards political mudslinging, demolition jobs and the like in our faces.

Being an observer for quite a time, i thought of coming up with my own futuristic vision of what Philippine politics will become in the near future.

Here is my fearless forecast of what’s gonna be the future of Philippine politics:

1. Presidents will be in jail after each term. The pattern has started with Marcos. Only it was called exile. Then came Erap. And now Gloria. PNoy was threatened by impeachment complaints. And a lot of Filipinos are now disappointed with his leadership for tolerating erring allies.

Unless, the constitution will be changed and outgoing presidents of the republic will be exempted from jail, the pattern will be repeated over and over again.

2. Demolition jobs will be a staple. Opposing political parties will weaken their opponents by uncovering all sorts of skeleton, whether buried or hidden in the closet to destroy their reputation and influence public perception. Filipinos are good at doing that. We are a nation known for “crab mentality“. We compete with each other, we don’t like collaboration. Reason why we do not get ahead.

3. Political dynasty will continue. Politics is addictive. Regardless of generation. It is a business in its own and the younger generations are expected to continue the “legacy” that their elders have started, just like a family corporation.

4. Digital media will definitely shape Philippine politics. In this era where the power is gradually shifting from the elite few to the grassroots as made possible by modern technology– the internet and digital media– the younger generations and those politicians who wish to stay afloat will not only resort to the three G ( goods, guns and gold).

5. More military and police personnel will go into elective positions once out of service. Politics is addictive. Politics is a business and they mastered it already and would want to take advantage of it.

6. More showbiz personalities would want to hold public offices. For people who are used to being into the spotlight and always hungry for attention– public office is the best option. So whether they are capable or not, they would take the risk. It is a sad way to retire from showbiz and to continue the lifestyle– politics is an option.

7. Philippine politics will continue to disgust the citizens and the expats. We will continue to be bombarded by corruption, by stressful news, by mudslinging, by extrajudicial killings, human rights violations, by worsening traffic situation in the metro and unrest.

8. Automated elections will always be opposed by those who wanted to rig election results through manual counting. I also see a time when desperate parties would attempt to hack election results.

9. At the end of the day, its always– money talks. The first and last question will be “how much?“

10. The need for digital natives increases. Technology evolves, faster than the blink of an eye– leaving politicians and officials wondering- “what struck me? what just happened? where did that come from?” — and its party time for digital professionals and strategists.

You can add more to the list, this is dynamic it changes over time. What are your thoughts?