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The Philippines needs a Duterte!

Davao City, the territory of the Dutertes is the 4th most livable city in the world.

It is safe. It is peaceful and progressive. It is where criminals do NOT dare go. Or they do, but do not mess with.

The Mayor here is Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte. Some call him Dirty Harry. He is a lawyer, a Bedan. He is the son of former Governor Vicente Duterte. It was his mother Soledad that he learned a lot about life, the social and economic problems of the people, especially the youth, out of school youth, women, children and the disabled.

In his talk with civic groups, leaders and influencers in Dagupan City, Mayor Duterte told the real story in Mindanao. He wanted Filipinos to increase their awareness on Mindanao.

How all this war and conflict began, tracing it since Magellan conquered the Philippines and declared that all inhabitants in that part of the archipelago are declared colony of Spain’s King Phillip II. But the datus, the maharlikas and the Moros fiercely refused. And the rest is history.

What he said about the Mamasapano incident was also interesting. “Alam ito ng lahat sa Mindanao, may isang area dyan na hindi pwedeng pasukin, alam ng mga General yan, alam ni General Esperon yan, alam yan kahit ni SAF Commander Napenas, lahat yan kahit pulis, militar, kahit balut vendor, cigarette vendor, kahit ako, alam namin na its a No-no,”

(anyone in Mindanao, even the generals and the military, ask General Esperon here, police, even SAF Commander Napenas, balut vendor and cigarette vendor knew that it is a no-entry zone. Even me, I know that its a no-no)

And all of us knew what had happened.

The Mayor also shared how he treat criminals in his city. He has the balls to say these words straight to their face ” Do not ever, ever, ever think that you have the monopoly to do evil. Because if you can do 10 evils in a day, I can easily throw 15 evils your way” He has a stern warning for drug lords and criminals that operate or planning to operate in his city.

“I can take out your intestines and eat it in front of you if you mess up with me in my city.”

Strong words, but taken seriously, may be considered a bluff but who ever thought he cannot do it?

“I have no tolerance for criminals and the drug lords. They destroy our children. I believe that those who harm our children do not deserve to be part of society”, the Mayor stresses.

Since the national government seems to be at loss with the situation in Mindanao, and will remain lame with its plan to gain peace. Since the people are angry, the people cry for justice and the government seemed to not know what to do— 44 elite police force were massacred and left to die at the hands of those we call ” terrorists”.

We need somebody who has balls. The courage to want to die for his country to redeem its people and restore peace and order. To minimize criminality and drug trade, saving our children and women from violence and abuse.

What we need is the one with an iron hand. Because we need to enforce our sovereignty. Our independence and cultural heritage.

We are the land of the brave. Not the land of the abused. We are a nation of heroes and not of a corrupt.

You don’t like to rot in your own country? Then consider DUTERTE.