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The Governor’s SOPA 2015

Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. delivers his State of the Province Address in front of thousands of Pangasinenses

Every year, we attend the State of The Province Address (SOPA). We cover it, as media practitioners. For the past 4 years, as a blogger.

This year, the Governor’s report is in Tagalog, oops Filipino language. More direct, more concise. More interesting for the common people, more comprehensive. The audience understood. They appreciated that SOPA was in Filipino.

The report was of course, expectedly good. Positive. It can be said that our provincial government is working. To attain its mission and vision, that id to make Pangasinan the Number 1 province.

The report was attached here.

Governor Amado T. Espino. Jr.’s report to the people of Pangasinan

Governor Amado T. Espino. Jr.’s report to the people of Pangasinan 

We have uploaded a video of a report from Comm Asia TV‘s Pangasinan Watch newscast and you can watch the video by clicking the link Pangasinan Watch SOPA 2015 episode.

The report generally will make every Pangasinense proud. Proud of his province. Proud of his being a Pangasinense. and proud of its government.

However, there is an unwanted guest who attended the SOPA. It was Mark Cojuangco. There are rumors circulating in the province now that someone is working hard to jail Governor Espino because it is the only way that that person can win the next election.

In Cojuangco’s interview, he said he has nothing to do with the unearthing of the ‘black sand issue’ against the administration. Although according to the complainants in the case, a Cojuangco paid media hack, is the one behind those Inquirer news stories that malign the Pangasinan provincial government.

On the next post, you will be able to watch the entire report on video. In the meantime, let’s stay productive and be well.