Vice President Binay formally opens JoeyRadio Dagupan

Joeyradio.com is an independent online radio in Dagupan City that opens its doors to an online global radio audience. Will formally launch on March 2, 2015 at the upper floor of the New Leaf Restaurant in Malta Village, no less than the Vice President of the Republic will grace the said occasion as the Guest of Honor and Speaker.

In an interview with Joey Dela Cruz, popularly known as JoeyBaby, one of the brains of JoeyRadio online, he said that having an online radio that caters to the growing needs of the netizens in Pangasinan and the world.

” A lot of mainstream radio stations have long embraced their online presence but very few among them has really niched on focusing on the online audience. Their online audience seem to be unnoticed. JoeyRadio solves that issue and since majority of the Filipinos are online, we can tap a huge listener base,” says Joey dela Cruz.

Dela Cruz who has been with the Pangasinan broadcasting scene for a long time. He is a popular DJ at the defunct DWON which was later bought by Radio Mindanao Network (RMN) and became i-FM today.

A short program followed by a meet and greet with the Vice President follows after the launch.

Eli Atienza, the President of JoeyRadio said that we need to reach the global audience because we are in an era where the world is our marketplace. Since most of JoeyRadio’s patron are mostly from the foreign countries, we can consider JoeyRadio as an outlet with a greater impact. He is also inviting advertisers and brands to advertise at JoeyRadio for only $158 with a free website.

The online radio’s first public event is UPDC’s UNFOLD on February 26, 2015 6:00 pm at the University of Pangasinan-PHINMA gym.

For those who have not listened to yet, JoeyRadio is www.joey-radio.com.

Programs include:
Downloaded by JoeyBaby
Good Vibes with Bobby Q
Grounded with Raz Reyes
Club Weekend
Under Cover with John Google
Throwback Thursday with Leslie Gee
Hard Drive wit Joe Yahoo

Joey Radio Logo

JoeyRadio boasts of one world, one music and if its not a hit, its not a JoeyRadio music.

DISCLAIMER: This blogger, by the name of Jane Doe is one of the program hosts at JoeyRadio.