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Work will never stop, even if you’re dead

Everyone has a piece of work to be done. Day by day. When you get a job or a project, work is constant. You work for a living. But you don’t live to work.

My routine lately has been unpredictable. I sleep less and work more. My body clock has gone crazy. And feeling the physical consequences, I wish I could stop.

A few years ago, during a yoga class, I have learned to control what dominates my mind. Yes, I am a worrier, got this from my mom. But when the mind says, its too much– I stop and selectively entertain thoughts in my head.

Work. Its always work. Always thinking about what needs to be done uses too much energy and brings in anxiety. So my discovery led me to:

1. Let go. Releasing mind control over work or tasks that won’t do themselves even if you break your own skull is useless. Sometimes it is easier to let go than hold on. Can’t fix the aircon? Not enough funds? Let go. When you let it go, the mind can focus on looking for solutions rather than dwell on the problem.

2. Let God. This I always experience. Whenever I have problems and challenges, I try to ask for guidance. Praying for me is the greatest weapon a man could ever have. Trusting in the Lord like He asks us is the real deal. How big is the problem or work? How big is your God? Let God.

3. Delegate. You can’t do everything. Seek help and collaborate. Accept the fact that you do not have the monopoly of talents in this world. There will always be people better than you. Far talented than you. More knowledgeable than you. Seek them and ask for their help.

The more work you have the more stressed you become. So if the work that you are doing is not making you a better person or a happier one, drop it. Or leave early.

At the end of the day, it is always you as a person that matters and not your work. Someone else can do the work, but someone else cannot live your life.

Take it easy, you only have a few decades in this world. Let not work ewt you. Work is work, even if you’re dead.

Have a great Sunday everyone!