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Rediscover stories from the Islands

Everybody loves great stories and  remembers them too. People travel to know more stories about places they go to, stories of people they meet, the food they eat and the cultural heritage they visit.

I would like to suggest to the Marianas Visiting Authority to capitalise on the rich stories of the Marianas Islands to entice tourists to come over. The islands are very interesting and each has its own memorable story to tell.

People love stories. Stories bring people closer together and share it with the world. Love.War. Triumph. Loss. Food. Adventure. Nature and everything in between.

“Rediscover stories from the islands”

Northern Mariana Islands or Marianas are three islands not known to many as a US territory through the commonwealth. According to sources, it is America’s one of the best kept secrets. The islands of Saipan (the most common of the three) along with Tinian and Rota have rich stories to tell. These islands are the close neighbors of Guam.

The islands are not your ordinary travel destination. If you love stories like me, then prepare your bucket lists. Mine is to see the Taga monolith stones, the latte stones and to see the remnants of the war with friends like Jasverenne, Jr and Reginald.

The Taga House in Tinian
Taga House made up of Latte Monolith Stones

I always wondered about the World War II. I read about them in history books. I knew about Japanese occupation in the Philippines and the American liberation, I knew about Douglas Mc Arthur whose famous line ” I shall return” he uttered in our island when he landed here. We even have some photos of him and his troops when he landed in Lingayen Gulf.

But little did I know that the Marianas Islands were one of the centres of the war. It was in Tinian where the atom bombs were loaded and pitted. That there is such a place as Suicide Cliff where Japanese soldiers and its citizens jumped off to avoid surrendering to the US. That there is a place called the Last Japanese Command Post where relics of the war can be found.

Re-imagining those days, I would like to step on the grounds where it all happened and re-live our history right before my eyes.

Fast forward to 2016, who would ever thought that Saipan, Tinian and Rota — undoubtedly breathtaking islands could attract visitors, young and old alike. From baby boomers to millenials and kids of all ages, all would enjoy the modern day Marianas Islands.

See how happy it is to be there? Snorkelling and diving to see the multitude of creatures under the sea is simply priceless.


Let us also see exquisite places and taste the flavours of the Marianas. I am positively sure that each island has its own food story to tell. And since I am a fan of good stories, the adventure will be worth the trip.

What I am really looking forward to is meeting people from the islands and dine with them too. Listen to their stories, get to know more about their culture and let them show their favourite places in the islands.

Food, people and stories make places very special and I plan to rediscover stories in Marianas islands, one of America’s most kept secrets.


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