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NOVOTEL: A cocoon in the heart of Cubao

Novotel Araneta Cubao is a surprisingly comfortable and convenient home in the heart of Cubao. 

It brings back nostalgic memories in the once center of trade and entertainment in Manila.

For countryside dwellers like me who frequent Manila for projects and business meetings, looking for a comfy hotel in Quezon City is always a hassle. We expect the comfort of hotels in Makati but with easy access of Quezon City.

And Novotel Araneta Cubao has both.

Spacious and comfy beds

Blogapalooza was held at Novotel. Bloggers outside Manila were housed here and treated like very important guests.

We appreciated how they thought of us, our needs and how they carefully planned the room space to accomodate our group.

Love their washroom set up

I love their toletries. Soap, shampoo and the rest. Its the second thing I checked aside from the bed. It looks hip 🙂

Trying out the mirror selfie

The room internet is strong when we stayed there. Its not frustrating like other places. 

Plus the food at the buffet. Its the type of of food you need to eat to go through a tough day. Keeps you full, energized and clean within.

Protein- loading
Fresh fruits and juice section
Grains section

Love it how they mix colors, textures, flavors to please the eyes and the palate.

Noodles and veggies neatly stacked
Mmmmm, breads and muffins 

Overall, the experience was great! Staffs are friendly and always ready to help. Even in the wee hours of the night.

Be sure to bring your proper identification cards upon check in to avoid delay. 

Novotel is strict in this matter. Its part of their customer protection protocol.

Lounging in their spacious lobby

Check out Novotel’s Facebook page and for inquiries, contact them at : (02) 990.7888