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On a weather like this, Im craving for Captain Sausage

This blogger is not from Tuguegarao. But apparently, I love hotdogs and sausages. Because versus burgers, I think it is easier to consume a sausage than a burger. But that is just me. Then, there’s Captain Sausage a place where comfort food is just an order away. Are we serious?

Captain Sausage
Captain Sausage

Owned and managed by  Jerome Tumolva and his wife, Captain Sausage started in their kitchen garage. It originated out of the family’s love for food and their quest to find interesting dishes outside of Tuguegarao.

When Norte Bloggers reviewed the bestsellers, we were greeted with the aroma of cooked tapa and german sausages. It made us hungry immediately.

What’s on the menu, Captain Sausage?

Our eyes feasted on what was served in front of us. A platter of sausages in a bed of fries! I can’t count how many varieties of sausages were thrown into this plate but its definitely a must-try. Two of your favorite things in one single platter, how cool is that?

The sausages were great, though coming from Manila, the are regularly delivered fresh and stable. No need to worry if you run out of  sausages. Argh, that would be a disaster.

Sausage platter in a bed of fries
Sausage platter in a bed of fries


Then Sir Jerome said it was time to taste the Potato Fiesta, a tray of mashed potato balls, wedges and fries. How come this captain offers two of my favorite things? Its potato and sausages.  The potatoes are good but the dip is even better. Haha. Its a house blended dip perfect for the dish.

Next on the menu is the Overload Meal. It has the best of both worlds. Beef tapa and sausage.  Woah! You’re lucky to have it at only P148.00. The tapa is chewy and easy to chew, no need to fight with just like tapas from other sources.

Overload Meal
Overload Meal

If you crave for the bestsellers then you can either choose the tapa or the sausage . It already has a sunny side up egg with it making it an all-day, all-weather breakfast.

Beef Tapa
Beef Tapa with Rice and Egg

But, on second thought, I’d still go for the Sausage with rice and egg. Will stamp my loyalty on this one this season 🙂

Sausage and egg
Sausage and egg

A full stomach  means a great day. And the  December weather in Tuguegarao which is unpredictable- sometimes windy, sometimes hot and sometimes rainy but definitely cold gives you a reason to indulge in a comfort food at Captain Sausage.

where to find the Captain?

Now I can’t concentrate blogging, wait. We’re going to see the Captain and say Aye Aye, Sir!

The Norte Bloggers with the Captain and his wife posing in pirate hats in tiny space at the second floor

See you there, pirates.. Here’s the map to their second branch. Find them on Facebook too.