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There’s always something new at Hilaria’s

I love Hilaria’s, its a fact. I always find something new in there. To me, its where you commune with friends, people and have a grand time enjoying food and drinks. The last time Norte Bloggers visited last March, it just barely opened. Going back after a few months, we were wowed.

Hilaria‘ is the name of the owner of the house. She is the grandmother. Now his grandson has transformed her house into a hub where young and old converge, commune and have clean fun.

Big Craving Big Serving
Big Craving Big Serving at Hilaria’s

Whats new?

  1. Its wider or so we thought and the bar chairs are  “exclusive” to regulars.  

When we visited Hilaria’s to check out their holiday packages, we saw Dr. D – the mysterious regular who has his own chair at the bar named after him. There was nothing like that before. According to Aldrin Cu the owner, Dr. D is a vegetarian who happens to love the secret menu. Gee, this physician is mysterious. Although he was there that time, we never bothered to disturb his peace. He was like a permanent fixture in the bar.

Wider with an exclusive chair
Wider with an exclusive chair

   2. It has mini-meeting rooms and conference room for a handful of people. 

Whether your idea of fun is a boardgame night with your friends, a movie marathon, documentary or GoT screening or  a mini company event away from other customers, they have a place for you.

We love this space at Hilaria's
We love this space at Hilaria’s

Upstairs, check out the Green Room and see what fun activities can you do there with your friends or family.

3. It has DJ Live sets that spikes up the party mode every Friday and Saturday 

Get the party going and the let out the groove with DJ Maj and DJ Marty thru Hype Beats

Hype Beats at Hilarias
Hype Beats at Hilarias

4. You can rent a mobile bar 

Partying at your place has never been so much easy. Just call Hilaria’s and they bring the house down. Haha. Complete mobile bar experience within budget.

Hilaria's Mobile Bar
Hilaria’s Mobile Bar

5. More good food.

Need I say more?  Meallenial rice meals are affordable rice toppings catering to those who have, yes money to spend- millennials. They try to capture the market that malls turn away during meal time because of academic restrictions.

Meallenial Rice Meals
Meallenial Rice Meals

Insider tip  

  1. Try the Nachos Basket.
  2. Buy and take home a chili sauce there.
  3. Ask for the secret menu. 
  4. Get your own chair too and join Dr. D at the bar
  5. Check out their collections upstairs 

Where to find Hilaria’s

Hilaria’s is all over the social media. Check them ou, their username is @hilariashome 

Here’s the location: