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Rediscover stories from the Islands

Everybody loves great stories and  remembers them too. People travel to know more stories about places they go to, stories of people they meet, the food they eat and the cultural heritage they visit.

I would like to suggest to the Marianas Visiting Authority to capitalise on the rich stories of the Marianas Islands to entice tourists to come over. The islands are very interesting and each has its own memorable story to tell.

People love stories. Stories bring people closer together and share it with the world. Love.War. Triumph. Loss. Food. Adventure. Nature and everything in between.

“Rediscover stories from the islands”

Northern Mariana Islands or Marianas are three islands not known to many as a US territory through the commonwealth. According to sources, it is America’s one of the best kept secrets. The islands of Saipan (the most common of the three) along with Tinian and Rota have rich stories to tell. These islands are the close neighbors of Guam.

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Decoding the myth of Taal through Club Balai Isabel

The Taal Volcano is believed to be the smallest volcano in the world. Its also located in the Philippines.

The best way to go to the volcano island and personally see its crater is through Club Balai Isabel in Talisay Batangas.


Club Balai Isabel Batangas should be your next destination. It has all the great things needed for a complete summer getaway. Nestled along the coast of Lake Taal, this first-class resort offers a wide range of exciting activities for the family, for the barkada, for the team and for organizations big or small. Continue Reading


Making Use of Nature

This guy we passed by along the zigzag road in Baguio City was fully utilizing Mother Nature to his advantage.

After washing his jeepney from the waterfalls, he started to wash himself too, unmindful of commuters seeing him and taking pictures too, as I did.

I know that the water is so cool, but he seems to have enjoyed it.

I can imagine how refreshed he is after the activity.

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Food, Investment ,Tourism and Technology (FITT) Blogger

Today I start my FITT Blog under my namesake. You can call me Vanj, from the bountiful province of Pangasinan. I am a digital influencer in my community. My day job is being a communications strategist specializing in social and digital media.

When not beating deadlines and not servicing clients, I blog. Among other things, hosting an agriculture and investment walkthrough show are two of my ventures that you will see here on later posts.

Recent Food Tour adventure, Bangsal’s Pinoy  Boodle Meal

I chose to blog about FOOD, INVESTMENT, TOURISM and TECHNOLOGY because its my passion.  My friends call me “laging gutom” (always hungry) because wherever I go, food is always an attraction for me. I am constantly looking for unique food offerings in a place. 
When travelling, I always assess the economic activity or non-activity of a place. Then see what they have or what they don’t. What they need and what would be profitable here. What is abundant and what is lacking. Then I ask myself, “what do they need, and how can I help them?”

The view from Sual viewdeck

Who doesn’t want to travel? I have been to a few places outside my country but I want to explore the beauty of the Philippines even more. It seems that every island has its own wonders and its really worth exploring.

    Amanjiwo Resort, Yogyakarta Indonesia

The advent of technology has modernized and made everything easy and shareable. Smartphones and tablets, netbooks and laptops has made every person his own media. It made everyone an instant publisher. Social media made it possible to distribute content easier and faster. Digital innovations are presented to the world at lightning speed. And then comes technology review and testing.  And since we move around the communications technology industry, it is imperative to be on top of it, at least be in the know, so you can teach and share.

What can you expect from  eVANJelist, the  FITT blogger? 

1. Lots of food adventures, interesting food stories from communities who make it.

2. Investment profiles of towns and cities and other remarkable business stories worth your while

3. Travel adventures and stories, destination stories, culture and the people, experiential tourism in the Philippines and Asia

4. Technology events, stories, ventures and start-ups

Join me, your local FITT Blogger and eVANJelist as we explore Asia and the rest of the world ­čÖé