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The Philippines needs a Duterte!

Davao City, the territory of the Dutertes is the 4th most livable city in the world.

It is safe. It is peaceful and progressive. It is where criminals do NOT dare go. Or they do, but do not mess with.

The Mayor here is Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte. Some call him Dirty Harry. He is a lawyer, a Bedan. He is the son of former Governor Vicente Duterte. It was his mother Soledad that he learned a lot about life, the social and economic problems of the people, especially the youth, out of school youth, women, children and the disabled.

In his talk with civic groups, leaders and influencers in Dagupan City, Mayor Duterte told the real story in Mindanao. He wanted Filipinos to increase their awareness on Mindanao.

How all this war and conflict began, tracing it since Magellan conquered the Philippines and declared that all inhabitants in that part of the archipelago are declared colony of Spain’s King Phillip II. But the datus, the maharlikas and the Moros fiercely refused. And the rest is history.

What he said about the Mamasapano incident was also interesting. “Alam ito ng lahat sa Mindanao, may isang area dyan na hindi pwedeng pasukin, alam ng mga General yan, alam ni General Esperon yan, alam yan kahit ni SAF Commander Napenas, lahat yan kahit pulis, militar, kahit balut vendor, cigarette vendor, kahit ako, alam namin na its a No-no,”

(anyone in Mindanao, even the generals and the military, ask General Esperon here, police, even SAF Commander Napenas, balut vendor and cigarette vendor knew that it is a no-entry zone. Even me, I know that its a no-no)

And all of us knew what had happened.

The Mayor also shared how he treat criminals in his city. He has the balls to say these words straight to their face ” Do not ever, ever, ever think that you have the monopoly to do evil. Because if you can do 10 evils in a day, I can easily throw 15 evils your way” He has a stern warning for drug lords and criminals that operate or planning to operate in his city.

“I can take out your intestines and eat it in front of you if you mess up with me in my city.”

Strong words, but taken seriously, may be considered a bluff but who ever thought he cannot do it?

“I have no tolerance for criminals and the drug lords. They destroy our children. I believe that those who harm our children do not deserve to be part of society”, the Mayor stresses.

Since the national government seems to be at loss with the situation in Mindanao, and will remain lame with its plan to gain peace. Since the people are angry, the people cry for justice and the government seemed to not know what to do— 44 elite police force were massacred and left to die at the hands of those we call ” terrorists”.

We need somebody who has balls. The courage to want to die for his country to redeem its people and restore peace and order. To minimize criminality and drug trade, saving our children and women from violence and abuse.

What we need is the one with an iron hand. Because we need to enforce our sovereignty. Our independence and cultural heritage.

We are the land of the brave. Not the land of the abused. We are a nation of heroes and not of a corrupt.

You don’t like to rot in your own country? Then consider DUTERTE.

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Election 2016: How safe is our automated election system?

The 2016 National and local election is just around the corner. The smell of politics is more reeking than the Christmas air.The Filipinos are nauseated with the demolition jobs that every opposing parties do to their rivals. The media has been pounding the citizens with sensational news almost every minute of the day.

Smartmatic Philippines officials led by Cesar Flores, CEO (leftmost)

One night in BGC, we have met with guys from Smartmatic Asia Pacific and we were given the chance to ask questions regarding the automated election system. Smartmatic is the supplier or seller of PCOS machines that were used during the last Philippine elections.

According to them, Comelec was able to save billions of pesos for using their technology and equipment. Cesar Flores, the CEO for Asia Pacific shared that the controversial company has delivered honest and clean elections to the Filipino electorates. That using automated elections, just like in any other country minimized electoral fraud, protests, and all other misdeeds relative to elections.

But to the first time voters, what does the automation cover?

1. The election process– voting, counting, canvassing and proclamation

2. Minimizes flying voters as the technology allocates each and every precinct’s corresponding voters as programmed into the machine

Sharing the table with these guys gave us the chance to ask them some burning questions. So I started with:

(Smartmatic’s answers are those in blue text)

1. Is this automated election system fraud-proof?

“Some parties will will try to tamper the ballots, because everybody wants to win, but since our system saves scanned files of the ballot that the voter inserts into the machine, it automatically saves a copy to the server for printing. So if you tampered a ballot after the scanning process, it will not produce the same result. And during election protests, recounts the original data is still saved to the CF cards so it will still yield what was originally scanned.

If the pre-marking is done before the elections, the machine will not read multiple marked ballots. So if you can do that, its either you have access to the Comelec, access to our server and have an access to alter our system. “

2. Can someone insert a virus or just corrupt the PCOS machine?

“No. First, physical access to the system is limited to 2 memory card slots, which will be secured using a serially labelled lock. These locks would prevent or make it obvious that the machine has been tampered with.

Furthermore, the Operating system used in the PCOS is Linux, which as a platforms very secure, employing access controls to the limit the activities of profiles. This operating system environment will not tolerate presence of virus and malware, or at the very least prevent such malicious programming from running. ”

3. Can there be a switching or election results during the transmittal, or can someone hack the transmission of results?

“The transmittal will only run for more or less two minutes so it is very hard to hack it.”

My last question was somewhat intriguing, I asked them, “If you are doing the right thing for the Filipinos, how come you seem to have so many enemies? And who are they?”

If you are doing the right thing, why do you have so many enemies?

Cesar Flores just smiled and said ” there still are sectors that do not want automated elections simply because they wanted to go back to MANUAL ELECTIONS. As you know, manual elections can be subject to dagdag-bawas, to the proliferation of the old system of the 3 Gs– guns, goons and gold so they can rig the results. Because as the election process becomes longer and with heavy human intervention, it is prone to errors. That is what Smartmatic PCOS machine eradicated.”


Smartmatic is a group of over 600 specialists dedicated to creating and deploying innovative technology for people to make their governments more transparent and efficient. You’ll find them in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines etc.

They also have this business unit called LeGIT of Large eGovernment Infrastructure Technology. It creates and deploys technology that helps governments become more transparent and efficient in areas outside of elections. Its smart cities wirk , for example helps meet challenges associated with growing urban populations, in the areas of health, safety and transport.

Politics, vanj padilla

The future of politics in the Philippines

I tried my best to avoid discussions about Philippine politics ever since I realized it is not good for my health. Although we publish a local community paper, we try our best to do away with politicians and issues concerning them.

In fact at one point, I turned my back on political blogging, which admittedly raked in millions of organic hits for my blog in 2009 to 2010. I was an angry citizen. I share my community’s views online, regardless of whether I get the ire of politicians. The people’s voice need to be heard.

In 2014, I am angry again. And I can’t help it. I live in the Philippines. Although I am a selective news consumer, the media is so busy pounding political issues and current events are mostly towards political mudslinging, demolition jobs and the like in our faces.

Being an observer for quite a time, i thought of coming up with my own futuristic vision of what Philippine politics will become in the near future.

Here is my fearless forecast of what’s gonna be the future of Philippine politics:

1. Presidents will be in jail after each term. The pattern has started with Marcos. Only it was called exile. Then came Erap. And now Gloria. PNoy was threatened by impeachment complaints. And a lot of Filipinos are now disappointed with his leadership for tolerating erring allies.

Unless, the constitution will be changed and outgoing presidents of the republic will be exempted from jail, the pattern will be repeated over and over again.

2. Demolition jobs will be a staple. Opposing political parties will weaken their opponents by uncovering all sorts of skeleton, whether buried or hidden in the closet to destroy their reputation and influence public perception. Filipinos are good at doing that. We are a nation known for “crab mentality“. We compete with each other, we don’t like collaboration. Reason why we do not get ahead.

3. Political dynasty will continue. Politics is addictive. Regardless of generation. It is a business in its own and the younger generations are expected to continue the “legacy” that their elders have started, just like a family corporation.

4. Digital media will definitely shape Philippine politics. In this era where the power is gradually shifting from the elite few to the grassroots as made possible by modern technology– the internet and digital media– the younger generations and those politicians who wish to stay afloat will not only resort to the three G ( goods, guns and gold).

5. More military and police personnel will go into elective positions once out of service. Politics is addictive. Politics is a business and they mastered it already and would want to take advantage of it.

6. More showbiz personalities would want to hold public offices. For people who are used to being into the spotlight and always hungry for attention– public office is the best option. So whether they are capable or not, they would take the risk. It is a sad way to retire from showbiz and to continue the lifestyle– politics is an option.

7. Philippine politics will continue to disgust the citizens and the expats. We will continue to be bombarded by corruption, by stressful news, by mudslinging, by extrajudicial killings, human rights violations, by worsening traffic situation in the metro and unrest.

8. Automated elections will always be opposed by those who wanted to rig election results through manual counting. I also see a time when desperate parties would attempt to hack election results.

9. At the end of the day, its always– money talks. The first and last question will be “how much?“

10. The need for digital natives increases. Technology evolves, faster than the blink of an eye– leaving politicians and officials wondering- “what struck me? what just happened? where did that come from?” — and its party time for digital professionals and strategists.

You can add more to the list, this is dynamic it changes over time. What are your thoughts?

vanj padilla

Breeze ActivBleach calls on Pangasinan moms to join 1Laba Day

Breeze ActivBleach is treating mommies across the country to a day off from their laundry chores with the simultaneous nationwide event 1Laba Day happening on August 28. Moms in barangays throughout Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are invited to head to 1Laba Day venues and let Breeze’s revolutionary ActivBleach take care of their stained clothes while they take part in exciting activities Breeze has in store for them to celebrate every mother’s hard work and love for her family.

With 1 Laba Day, Breeze aims to wash 1 million stains using Breeze ActivBleach, which removes even the toughest of stains in just one wash. Participating moms can enjoy their ultimate laundry day-off as Breeze treats them to various entertainment activities, while the Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by campaign partners Electrolux, White Westinghouse, Whirpool and LG, will take care of washing their clothes.

Simultaneous 1Laba Day events will happen in Metro Manila (Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasay), North Luzon (Tarlac, Pangasinan), South Luzon (Laguna, Cavite), Visayas (Cebu), and Mindanao (Davao).

Barangay Herrero-Perez will be the venue for 1Laba Day on August 28, 2014.

Breeze with ActivBleach is the first and only detergent brand with 4-enzyme technology to remove more types of stains with less effort and time. It even has a unique active system for better foam profile and quicker lather, plus percarbonate TAED bleach that takes out bleachable stains without harming the environment.

Be a part of the Breeze 1 Laba Day event and see for yourself how Breeze with ActivBleach removes 1 million stains in just one wash.

Like the official Breeze Facebook page (@BreezePhilippines) and join the online promos to get the chance to win washing machines from partner brands. Consumers can also get free Breeze gift packs for every purchase of an Electrolux, Whirlpool and LG washing machine.

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Internet Addiction and How to Stop It

Today was indeed not a normal day for me. I don’t usually wake up early for a discussion. Especially if its at 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

But because Melanie Heng of ABS-CBN ( a tv network in the Philippines) asked for an interview in their morning show Bagong Umaga, bagong Balita, I did go to the studio.

The discussion was about online addiction, internet addiction, addiction to social media sites, online games and other forms of digital distractions that id borne about by the internet.

There are instances when kids and the youth are so into social media sites and online games that their behaviour dramatically change over time.

Vanj Padilla as interviewee at ABS CBN’s Bagong Umaga, Bagong Balita with Host Melanie Heng

They become passive for physical social interaction but aggressive, more violent and less respectful for other people’s rights and immediate environment. They become overly obsessed with their online personas and think that the universe revolves around their superpower to publish or play games.

The people who are into this addiction are living more into their virtual community rather than their physical world. Minds and bodies fully focused at the screen.

Some parents come to me and complain that their kids are not listening to them anymore because they choose to shut down with their gadgets and enter the online world.

So here is my two cents on this issue:

1. Decide to stop or at least gradually stop, at a given period of time. You cannot do what you cannot decide. SO decide first and be firm that you will actually do it, even without someone to chaco upon you.

2. Create a support group. You cannot do it alone. You need the comfort of the family, you need the support from your friends, you need encouragement from your peers and community.

3. Do a digital detox. Get away from computers or any gadget so far that fights your urge to stop. Stay away as possible to any screen that tempts you to go back and continue. Busy yourself with other things like learning how to cook, gardening, playing with others, hanging out with people that don’t prioritise and bring out their gadgets in your face.

4. Make friends physically. Connect with people and start a conversation. Tell them your situation and who knows you might be an encouragement and inspiration to other people. Laughter is the best medicine and the best laughter are the uninhabited roaring laughters with real people and not with emoticons or the controversial LOL.

5. Find activities that fuel your passion. Volunteer with the housework, do some gardening stuff. Make something out of recyclables or pre owned stuff. You can join a community and share what you know, teach other kids, tell them stories, start a business, look for some good stuff inside you so you won’t get bored.

Selfie before checking in the studio

6. Control your urges.If you feel the need to go online, think other thoughts. You can’t easily stop it in just a few days. There will always be a struggle. But hey, you have to resist. Control. Manage. And tame it. Any form of addiction is not good. And it needs to be moderated.

7. Pray. Pray for your loved ones who are battling this difficult situation, fighting online addiction. And give support. Talk to them level-headedly. In a calm manner. In a language they will understand.

So here are my suggested hacks and solutions to online and social media sites addiction. What do you think have I not included?

Will appreciate your comments below.

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Be a Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur and level up!

We are living in a highly modernized and technologically advanced world, where almost any industry is now using and reliant upon digital communications. Mainstream media is evolving and digital marketers, promoters, online publishers are some of the jobs that are in demand in the marketplace.

Bloggers are now considered influencers and their authority and relevance are highly recognized in communicating brands to their target markets.

Being a Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur can equip you with necessary skills and knowledge to start your own service business like I did.

I was one of the early adopters of this online learning program, belonging to the first batch in 2010. Coming from the mainstream media industry, radio broadcast and journalism, I thought that if I don’t innovate and upgrade myself, I will be left out and wake up one day under the UNEMPLOYMENT and OBSOLESCENCE TENT.

So I invested in myself then, sacrificing my paycheck to finance this program which costs P25,000 . I have three goals and these are:

1. Set my niche, differentiate thru innovation and offer something new and relevant to clients.
2. Be a thought leader in digital and social media in my community.
3. Put up my own agency in Northern Luzon.

Upon enrollment, we were asked to do live projects immediately as a requirement. Each module has its project, so when we finished the program, we had three projects in our folios.

Ideal students in this program are those who aspire to establish their own “personality” brand. Use the skills and experiences learned in doing the same for others – person, product, service, company or advocacy.

After finishing the course and four years of hard work later, this is what I became now;

1. Contracted consultancy work in the local government unit in my community, lead for digital projects
2. Community Lead for Google Business Group in our province
3. Vice- Chair for Wikimedia Philippines
4. Regular guest in tv shows on topics about social media and the internet
5. Founder of a bloggers group in our province
6. Senior Communication Strategist of my own PR Agency in Northern Luzon- CommunicAsia PR

Have I reached my goals? You can say yes and more.

Look at how the industry is evolving and look at how bloggers and social media entrepreneurs are living their lives. Some are always being invited by BRANDS in their exclusive events, corporate launches etc. Some get away with movie premieres and all the juicy stuff. Some work conveniently at home and seldom complain. Some are fulfilled and some wanted so much more.

Hardwork and being industrious is no longer enough, we have to equip ourselves with continuous learning and education. But we cannot always afford to go to school physically because of day jobs, family, kids to support etc. Good thing there are programs like this to keep us up to date.

Im sure your have your own goals in life and in your careers too, get a good start. Make a better 2014 and take it from me, invest in yourself.

Enrollment in this program is ongoing and classes start on January 25, 2014. You may get more information here. Or you can send private message and inquiries in this link. Tweet your questions and queries to @digitalfilipino and get an answer immediately.

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Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress 2011

Pangasinan- a richly blessed province yet once considered a dragon on a slumber. It has now tremendously transformed and is experiencing economic rebirth. Today, a leading premier province in the North with life and investment thriving, pulsing and full of opportunities. Yet the province is still restless and pushing boundaries ready to thrust into the wave of the future.

Going digital
is the wave of the future and is considered the missing link that will fully optimized Pangasinan’s vision of economic advancement and development specially in its way of doing business in the government.
Pangasinan will never be caught groping in the dark tunnel in this ever changing landscape of digital technology, it has even raise the gear to full throttle to close the gap in achieving its vision of becoming “the best place to invest, work, live and raise a family”.

Thus the Provincial Government is staging the 1st Pangasinan Digital ICT Congress as its first step towards, stepping up the game as it recognized the impact of information technology and digitalization in our government services, industries, institutions and across all aspect of our society.

The Pangasinan Digital Life ICT Congress on Nov. 21 – 26 to be held at the Pangasinan Training and Development Center at the heart of Lingayen is envisioned to prepare Pangasinan on the many challenges, opportunities and even threats en route to full digitalization of its offices and services.
It is a 6-day event with all the literati in the information technology major players attending. An unparalled panel of experts, leaders and legends in the Digital world to share their insights, and success stories on a number of special sessions.And over 30,000 plus participants.
This information and technology fair is an initiative of Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. and the social media team of the province of Pangasinan.
For information, please visit